Welcome to The Petite Retreat 2016!

Watch our quick intro video and then check out underneath for more information on this year’s event!

What is The Petite Retreat…

The Petite Retreat is a unique, luxury baby show. It is based on the premise of not selling, but teaching, learning & igniting a fire within parents. In our area of the country, parents are bombarded with big box stores, as opposed to the independent retailer, and a lot of times this means they are missing out on a lot of really great products. Not only that, they are missing out on the education behind why a product might really help them, or how to properly use that product. This is your chance to present yourself to them. The Petite Retreat is where parents can venture into modern parenting through this intimate opportunity to interact with national and local baby experts.  Parents can brush up on health tips, attend workshops, speak with birth experts, participate in demo classes, enjoy a cravings bar, learn about modern baby products and go home with some valuable swag.

The Petite Retreat was started in 2014, with 2016 being our 3rd event! In 2015 we doubled our attendance from the first year, and in 2016 we are looking forward to doing that again.  We have some exciting new things in store for this year and we hope you and your team will be collaborating with us to make TPR 2016 the best year yet!

♥ Ilissa, Colleen & Amber

What’s New for 2016…

  • Core Team

    We have brought on a new team member, Colleen Pierre, of SaratogaMama.com. Colleen brings a ton of experience with her, as well as an awesome platform for helping spread the word about The Petite Retreat through her website and through her print magazine. Other team members include Ilissa Goman (owner of BINX) and Amber Chaves (owner of The Bundle Store).

  • Monthly Webinars

    We are doing a monthly free webinar series for parents that will focus on a new topic & expert each month, thus again, giving us more attendee access and insight, and continuing that learning experience throughout the year. These will be promoted across social media and to our email lists.

  • New Location

    We have a new, spacious, location for The Petite Retreat, conveniently located at The National Museum of Dance. It’s all one floor and gives us plenty of room to expand. There’s also an adorable children’s area that is perfect for our smallest attendees to explore!

  • Trailblazer's Mixer

    June 7th we are hosting our first TPR Trailblazers Mixer at The National Museum of Dance. It’s a networking event for potential and existing vendors of TPR to come together in a spirit of community & collaboration. Attendees are real professionals in the community who deal in the pregnancy, newborn, and early childhood fields

  • Advertising

    This year we are substantially upping our advertising! With the addition of Colleen to the team we will be doing a lot of ads on her site and in her magazine (10,000+ issues printed quarterly). We are also staying active on social media and through emails to keep engaging with attendees all year long. A new team of local moms is also being tapped for word-of-mouth sales.

  • New Website

    Our new website just launched! This is where we will continually focus on the attendee experience. Webinars will also be hosted right here on our site and will be available for viewing all year long.

Why You Should Join…

  • Untapped Area

    The parents in our area are bombarded by big box stores. They don’t have in-person access to all the niche products. Even if your products are in big box stores, who is explaining to parents why they should pick your product over another? Be the face to your brand, make those connections.

  • Quality Event

    The Petite Retreat uses a ticketing strategy to weed out the “freebie finders”. The attendees that come to The Petite Retreat are here to learn (and buy). They want to learn from you, you’re the expert.

  • Advertising

    The Petite Retreat is going heavy on the advertising this year. We doubled attendance last year (147 parents in 2014 to just over 300 parents in 2015), and this year we are planning on doing the same. We want you on the team so that we can promote your company as much as possible not just at the event, but throughout the year. Have a big launch coming up? Rope us in to help you promote it!

  • Networking

    We are strong believers in community and collaboration. At The Petite Retreat we encourage you to network with the other booths. We also encourage you to attend our Trailblazers Mixer and make those connections for awesome collaboration opportunities and to really promote everyone in the community.

  • In-Person Event

    This is your chance to get to personally know your target customer. Get honest feedback from them. Get your product in their hands. Sell yourself to the max! Give them that personalized experience so they totally fall in love with you and they tell all their friends how awesome you are.

  • A Totally Branded Event

    The Petite Retreat is a show that parents remember, and come back to, year after year. We have heard from numerous companies how they loved the show, the decor, and the entire experience of it all. Not only do we want the attendees to have a great experience, but you as well.

How Can You Be Involved…

  • Sponsorships

    Sponsorships are available for overall event sponsorship, as well as sponsoring specific area of the event (Nursing Nook, Stroller Terrain Track, Cub Den and more). We also have a spot left to sponsor the Trailblazer’s Mixer event, a great way to reach a ton of professionals who can recommend your product to their clients and customers.

  • Booth Space

    Involve your company on the most personal level with a space at the event! Get a chance to meet with parents and show them why they would want to work with you or buy your products. We encourage you to make your space as interactive as possible. Show them what an expert you are!

  • Attendee Bag Inserts & Giveaways

    Insert a product or literature into our attendee bags. We also accept certain products for our giveaway table.

  • Workshops & Demos

    Show off your expertise by doing a presentation to our attendees at the show! We also are looking for participants for our monthly webinars.

  • Seat Drops

    Looking to target a very specific demographic within the already focused show? We can place your literature or items on specific seats before a certain workshop or demo goes on. Then your target client is getting that item right in their hands.